Gioia reads people and can perceive motivations and interests even where individuals are not clear themselves.. she is non judgmental and takes in her surroundings without emotion and reacts to it in positive and productive ways.. has a fearless element about her that inspires.
— a client


Anytime something doesn't quite 'click', when you are facing a hurdle, are not satisfied with where you are, or know that there is more of your potential than what you express... this is when executive coaching can help. Each coach has a different 'signature': a different style, approach and set of tools they bring to the work. That's why the client-coach fit is extremely important: you may interview a couple of coaches before finding the one right for you. Here's what my 'signature' looks like:

  • I seek to be the coach I’d want to be coached by: focused, responsive, on point, resourceful, caring; this is the coach I’ll seek to be with you;

  • I work at best in a business-oriented context, where the moment of need may be the search for a leadership fit, self-renewal, or a path to sustained peak performance;

  • I follow an holistic executive coaching approach that blends human development theories, adult learning framework with insights and practices from fields apparently very distant: meditation & mindfulness, nutrition & wellness, sport and fitness. Working together, we will bring them out as appropriate and have them work synergistically to serve the path you are on.

I coach High Potentials and Senior Leaders in Corporate settings, as part of their talent development plan, as well as Executives and Entrepreneurs who engage me individually to support their growth plans. In either case, they find a thought partner and a safe yet challenging space to regroup, think strategically and move forward. 

A Coaching Engagement typically lasts six months and evolves along the following phases:

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.24.05 PM.png

I built my Executive Coaching practice on the foundation of my business experience and a track record made of:

  • 20+ years of experience in global corporate settings in a variety of industries facing intense business transformation;

  • Leadership roles setting up and managing diverse teams for elevated performance;

  • Entrepreneurial experience with my own consulting practice.

  • All, achieving demanding business results but also learning how to respond to setbacks, re-strategizing my own path forward - keeping faith to what is important to me.

I leverage qualifications and learnings that continue every day, to make me the best executive coach I can be:  

  • MBA from New York University Stern Business School;

  • Certification in Executive Coaching from Columbia University, NYC;

  • Gestalt coaching continuous education with the Gestalt Center-OSD, Cleveland;

  • Membership of the ICF-International Coaching Federation.

Gioia is intellectually and emotionally honest.. she assesses situations well and provides well-thought-out insights always focused on her client’s benefit..
— a client
Gioia has been my sparring partner and trusted advisor - not a moment wasted!
— an Executive client

If you are interested and would like to explore working with me, use the form below for an initial conversation or click here, to learn about services that I offer on a limited basis. 

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